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Pioneering a Revolution in Preimplantation Genetics

Linda Seaton
| Oct 23, 2015

The dream of any scientist is to have an impact on their field; to develop a technology or make a discovery that moves research forward. Dr. Leeanda Wilton has far exceeded even her own goals when she entered the field of preimplantation genetics 30 years ago. She co-developed not one, but two foundational technologies that now contribute to successful IVF pregnancies worldwide.

Early in her career, she partnered with Dr. Darren Griffin to develop single-cell fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), the first technology that enabled researchers to identify multiple numerical chromosome errors in human embryos. Ten years later, she codeveloped metaphase comparative genomic hybridization (CGH), the predecessor of array CGH technologies such as the 24sure® Array.

As she said, “It’s rare in science to develop a new technology, see it through to clinical application, and later witness its adoption throughout the world.” Brava Dr. Wilton!