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Abizar Lakdawalla, Ph.D.
| Feb 12, 2014

under constructionMaybe for the first time in Illumina’s history we will have the people directly involved in the research and development of our sequencing platforms presenting to customers at AGBT 2014.

At the Illumina User meeting on Wednesday, Feb 12, Frank Oaks, Illumina’s system integration VP, will talk about the recent breakthroughs in technology and systems development that enabled the creation of the NextSeq 500 and HiSeq platform. Up next, Vince Smith from Illumina UK will focus on  2-color SBS chemistry that powers the NextSeq 500 system and has allowed us to double the speed of data generation. Then Johanna Whitacre, our biochemistry development guru, will go into the nitty gritty details on the new patterned flow cells which have transformed the way data is being generated on the HiSeq X Ten, and that finally got us to the goal of the $1000 genome.

At the Illumina Workshop on Thursday, Feb 13, Gary Schroth, an NGS uber-user and one of the pioneers in RNA-Seq and gene regulation assays will give his take on how the Illumina sequencing ecosystem enables experiments that were unthinkable just a few years ago. At this same workshop, Sheila Fisher from the Broad Institute is going to discuss data generated on the HiSeq X Ten and the NextSeq platforms.

Come join us for these meetings and events- and if you're a morning person drop by the Illumina lounge (Cambaxas room) at 8:15 each morning Thursday through Saturday for a demo session. And we'll be there in the afternoons to answer your questions and hand out our signature glowing novelties along with your favorite drinks.