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Exciting Developments in BaseSpace

Amy Cullinan. Ph.D.
| Oct 23, 2013
Just a quick post here, as the American Society for Human Genetics meeting gets underway in Boston. This week, we held the first-ever BaseSpace Developer Meeting on October 21. More than 50 developers and bioinformaticians, from novices to pros, gathered to learn about the latest direction for BaseSpace, hear from individuals who have built BaseSpace apps, and get hands-on instruction.

One of the meeting highlights was the announcement of the BaseSpace Native Apps Engine. Some of the key benefits for both developers and users are:
  • Apps can be deployed inside of BaseSpace, without the need to host your own Web service, and they will look, feel, and act like BaseSpace applications.
  • Apps can be written and tested locally without the need for any SDK
  • Any language on any Linux configuration is supported
Check out this 2 minute video for more details.

And of course we had a "Build Your Killer App" contest, with over 100 ideas submitted. Check out the BaseSpace blog post to learn more about the winners and their innovative app ideas.

Finally, all of the tweets from the meeting can be accessed through Storify, so you can follow the talks and get a play-by-play of how the day went. Thanks to all the attendees and developers for making this first-ever basedev conference such a success!