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All Eyes on Wheat Research at PAGXXI

Cindy Lawley
| Jan 15, 2013
wheatWe are having a fabulous time here at PAGXXI! It always impresses me how savvy are the scientists in attendance. Every time I come to PAG, I have this experience in a conversation at least half a dozen times:  

Start talking with researcher.

I say: "That won’t work. That does not make sense to me."

Researcher keeps talking, grabs a piece of paper to map it out. I ask questions.

I say: "OMG that is brilliant. Let’s do that! How did you think of that? Awesome idea."

It keeps happening, and it keeps thrilling me every time. I get a surge of energy and it reminds me how lucky I am to be here and to represent Illumina in my visits to PAG.

Three scientists attending PAG this year who I think are brilliant are Eduard Akhunov (KSU), Matt Hayden (DPI Victoria) and Shiaoman Chao (USDA Fargo). Eduard will be presenting in our technology workshop today at 3:50 PM in the Golden West room. It is an as-yet unpublished collaborative project that represents a global consortium for wheat where they have used sequencing and genoytping to drive forward breeding in this important crop. This is the only time you will see this work presented at PAG, so come and hear about how this international collaboration has been busy building tools to drive wheat genomics. Wheat researchers have it going on at PAG this year!