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Illumina at Plant and Animal Genome XXI

Ben Pricer
| Jan 12, 2013

We always look forward to PAG- not just because it’s in our backyard, but because it is an amazingly diverse meeting where small and large labs from around the world bring the latest in plant and animal genome science into the spotlight. Collaborations form, ideas and techniques are exchanged, and after the 999th  poster is rolled up, the agrigenomics community is energized and ready to expand  the boundaries of research.

This year, we will be exhibiting at Booth 211. Stop by and learn more about improvements in polyploid data analysis, qPCR solutions, unlocking the plant transcriptome, and exciting new sequencing applications.

On Tuesday, January 15, join us for our technology workshop, featuring customer presentations on genomic patterns of SNP variation in wheat presented by Eduard Akhunov from Kansas State, and iPlant and CoGe powering comparative genomics from Eric Lyons of the University of Arizona. You can also hear about the future of MiSeq and BaseSpace – Illumina’s cloud computing environment, as well as some exciting announcements about the Greater Good Initiative. We’ll be in the Golden West room Tuesday afternoon from 3:50-6:00, so come by for some wine, cheese, and great science.

If you couldn’t escape to PAG this year (or can’t make up your mind which sessions to attend), follow the meeting events through social media. We’ll be tweeting from the sessions (@illumina, follow #PAGXXI), and blogging on a few different topics over the course of the week. See below for an introduction to our PAG bloggers.

Ben Pricer, Market Manager, AgriGenomicsBen cropped

My life in agriculture started with the garden I maintained as a child. I was the only 5-year old on the street whose idea of a snack was a home grown carrot. It is nice to be back with my first love. Illumina is an exciting place to work. It is impressive to see the progress that has been made in such a short amount of time, specifically the impact of genomics on crop and livestock improvement. While I no longer maintain a garden and I spend most of my time in a cubicle at my desk, I still snack on carrots while writing blog posts.


Cindy Lawley, Ph.D., Global Agriculture Consortia Program Managercindy cropped

I am a scientist who has had the privilege of working with Illumina customers seeking sequencing services, genotyping services or in some cases, both. I now manage Illumina's Consortia Program, helping agriculture customers build tools for understanding variation in over every species imaginable. It is so much fun! I have been riding the crazy train of advances in Illumina technology for almost 9 years. Get on board!! I am thrilled to blog on topics of interest and look forward to your comments or inquiries.


Mimi Padmabandu, Science WriterMimi cropped

My current role as a science writer is my second time at Illumina. I previously worked on the development of the HiSeq 2000 system during a summer in between my years of study, and between then and now I have had the unique privilege of seeing how influential our technology has become. I’ve witnessed Illumina sequencing technology be incorporated not only into academic labs, but into the undergraduate classroom itself as a standard for understanding the latest in molecular biology. After receiving my B.S. in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology and a B.A. in English from UCLA, working here has been nothing short of eye-opening. As a science writer, I communicate recent advances in next-generation sequencing and how NGS is answering an expansive array of scientific questions. When I’m not working, I’m usually traveling, reading, enjoying live music, or catching up with friends and family.