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"There is a great disturbance in the Force"...

Alex Dickinson
| Nov 08, 2012

NewHomePageUntil recently, only our benchtop MiSeq systems have been able to upload to BaseSpace, but I'm thrilled to announce we've now begun enabling customers' HiSeq instruments to stream their hundreds of gigabytes generated per run up to BaseSpace. 

Why is this huge news? Two of the biggest challenges in DNA sequencing are (a) processing raw instrument data into base calls and (b) interpreting those base calls into actionable knowledge. By enabling the world's highest throughput instruments to stream to BaseSpace, we're going to have a huge impact on problem (a). And once the data is in BaseSpace, we're providing powerful tools such as the high speed iSAAC aligner to complete the data processing story—as well as collaboration tools that enable instant sharing of these huge data sets.

So, what about problem (b), data interpretation? That's where the BaseSpace App store comes in. I invite you to check out today's post from Michael Janis on the BaseSpace blog with the latest details on our Apps partners. And, if you're attending ASHG this week, come up to the Illumina lounge for a demo from our partners.