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| Nov 07, 2012

Abizar Lakdawalla, Ph.D., Associate Director, Product MarketingAbizar Lakdawalla, Associate Director, Novel DNA Sequencing Technologies

I have been at Illumina for four years (which feels more like 40 years!), where I balance my time spent sailing in the San Francisco Bay with working with the development teams at Illumina on defining the sequencing products for tomorrow, and for the day-after-tomorrow. I was recently exiled to Illumina UK for about 13 months to work with the field organization just after the HiSeq system was launched. All in all, I have succeeded in keeping the current ratio of sailing versus work at approximately 0.000001: 1. Before Illumina, I worked at a company previously known as Applied Biosystems, focusing on microfluidic technologies for resequencing sample prep, and then led a technology incubator to rapidly commercialize new technologies (e.g., protein quantitation by real-time PCR). Before ABI, I was the technology director at BioGenex for automated strainers and imagers for in situ localization of proteins and nucleic acids. And somewhere in the past, there was a Ph.D. and a post-doc in molecular genetics.

Julie Collens, Ph.D., Product Manager, Genetic ServicesJulie Collens, Illumina Services Product Manager

I am the Product Manager for the IGN, Illumina’s whole genome sequencing-as-a-service business in collaboration with leading genome centers and institutions worldwide. I earned my Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in population genetics and dynamics in non-model organisms, andI now use knowledge of genetics studies to understand how researchers are using whole genome data to discover important variants in population history, disease, and drug response. Prior to joining Illumina, I covered publically traded Life Sciences companies as an equity analyst.

Amy Cullinan, Ph.D., Senior Science WriterAmy Cullinan, Senior Science Writer

I am a scientific writer at Illumina, with over five years of experience writing for the genomics industry and ten years of microbiology laboratory experience in a number of research settings, from government to academic. In the past three years of writing about next-generation sequencing technology at Illumina, I have seen incredible performance advances, leading to a surge of innovative sequencing applications. The power and flexibility of NGS inspires truly creative approaches to research, opening new doors along our quest for biological knowledge. When I'm not writing about finding answers to scientific questions, I spend my time answering the questions of my 2-year old daughter, who is my personal inspiration.