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Making Software Easier To Swallow

Jordan Stockton
| Nov 07, 2012

I think conferences like ASHG are intellectual smorgasbords. Full of new product introductions, experimental approaches, and algorithms, they represent a feast of potential novel directions for our research. Often in the Q&A section of a talk, people ask, "Have you tried reanalyzing your data with the algorithm presented in the previous talk?" Without exception, the presenter graciously acknowledges the merit of the idea and delicately moves on for further questions. But how often do you think they follow through and try out the algorithm?

The untidy truth is that running your data through a new set of software tools is often difficult. Even if the software package is widely used, the processes of installation, data formatting, and simply moving your data to a new software location can be prohibitive. The cost of "bellying up" to the buffet is simply too high. There has to be an easier way. At Illumina, we think there is.

basespace appsThe BaseSpace team recently partnered with a number of leading commercial software vendors to put together something we call BaseSpace Apps. BaseSpace Apps is more than a store to buy applications. It’s a place that puts your valuable sequencing data within point-and-click access of a rapidly growing suite of tools from both commercial and academic developers. Today there are tools for genome browsing and visualization, gene expression, functional classification of variants, variant filtering, reporting, and data management. What’s more, these applications will be completely free until January 1, 2013. You heard it correctly, free analysis for everyone!

Our initial list of commercial BaseSpace Apps vendors include: Biomatters, DNASTAR, Golden Helix, Ingenuity Systems, Omicia, Partek, SciGenom Labs, Strand Life Science, and Syapse. Some of these names may be new to you, while others may represent products that are currently in your lab. The good news is that you can now try them all with your own data…for free. If you want a look at these tools and a chance to speak with their developers, stop by the Illumina lounge at ASHG. A schedule of BaseSpace Apps software demos will be also available at Illumina’s ASHG booth, number 1109.