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Your Easiest Grant Submission Could Win You a MiSeq

Jonathan Bell
| Sep 14, 2012

Win miseqThe deadline for submitting R01 NIH grants is quickly approaching. Submissions are due by October 5th and hopefully most academic researchers are coasting in, and not in a frenzied state of caffeine and anxiety-induced productivity! Successful grant writing is an intensive process and a necessary evil for researchers seeking funding for their next big project. Hopefully the MiSeq Grant Program is the easiest submission you’ll have all year—only 500 words for a chance to win a MiSeq package.Three grants will be awarded, each including a MiSeq system and a package of accompanying reagents, software, and data storage.

MiSeq is the world’s most accurate benchtop sequencer, delivering >7.5 billion bases of sequence information with >99.9% accuracy for a majority of bases—all in a single run. MiSeq also has the simplest workflow from DNA to data than any other benchtop system. The quality, speed, and ease of MiSeq are helping to power a wide range of interesting studies from microbiology to complex human diseases including cancer. A quick look at the Survey of Read Archives (SRA) shows MiSeq has supported almost five times more experiments than Ion Torrent—in only 12 months for MiSeq compared to over two years for Ion Torrent!



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Ion Torrent



The grant submissions thus far are really exciting, so thank you to those that have already applied. Entries include projects for new sample prep methods, assessing microbial diversity in a variety of environments, epigenetic regulation, and targeted resequencing of loci implicated in various diseases, to name a few. It’s energizing for us to see all the great science being planned around the MiSeq. This truly is a global program and we have received submissions from over 25 countries and every continent except Antarctica. Surely there is someone out there that could use a MiSeq to study the microbiome of penguins? Grants will be scored on scientific merit, originality, and how the study fits with MiSeq. Our panel of reviewers is going to have a tough time deciding on the final three, because the entries so far are really compelling.

Winners will be announced at this year’s ASHG conference in early November.  Be sure to submit your grant entry by October 15th to be eligible to win one of the three MiSeq packages. Only 500 words? As one person on Twitter recently put it, “a 500 word grant is a mere haiku.” This will definitely be the easiest grant submission you have all year. Good luck!