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| Jun 20, 2012

Lukas Smink

Lukas Smink IlluminaMy current role at Illumina is as EMEA Marketing Manager focusing specifically on Sequencing and BioInformatics. I have been at Illumina for the last four years, starting in Technical Support as a Bioinformatics Support Scientist in our UK office. Although I am UK based, I was born in the Netherlands.  I ended up in the UK,  for what was meant to be a 6 month university research project, 20 years on and I am still living and working in the UK. I was lucky enough to join the Sanger Institute where I did my PhD, and it was during my PhD that I discovered I much preferred writing code over labwork and so moved into Bioinformatics and have focussed on data analysis ever since. After my PhD, I headed up the Genome Informatics Group at the Diabetes and Inflammation Laboratory at the University of Cambridge developing

Neil Ward

Neil Ward smI joined Illumina back in early 2007 as the Genome Analyzer was just starting to routinely generate 1GB of sequence and have been fortunate to witness the explosion in data and science that has been enabled by this technology. My Sequencing Specialist role at Illumina enables me to travel widely across Europe presenting Illumina's technology developments and discussing the latest cutting edge genomics science. I have an MSc in bioinformatics, which I was fortunate enough to use in a practical sense for my biotech employers as the first human genome sequence was being completed and I still have a self confessed geeky interest in the analysis of sequence data. If you'd like to discuss this or any other aspect of Illumina's sequencing then swing by the booth or, in the evening you'll probably be able to find me at the closest local bar enjoying the excellent German beer and catching up on the Euro 2012 football.

Gustav Karlberg

describe the imageI joined Illumina just over three years ago and it has been a tremendous ride so far. After working as sales representative for Illumina in Sweden I joined the regional marketing department in Europe back in the beginning of 2011. In my role as Regional Marketing Manager I get to travel around in Europe discussing the tremendous development in sequencing output and technology developments and how this can be used to further the understanding of genetics. Maybe more interestingly I get to discuss where the genetic research will go next and how NGS will change the way we work in the clinics and with other applied applications. It is truly a very interesting time in the world of genetics. Prior to Illumina I worked for Applied Biosystems, now Life Technologies, in the applied markets division. It is a great time for genetics, but also a great moment to spend some time out in the nature. Now that the ski season is over and the snow has melted away, the focus will have to move over on mountain biking. All in preparation for the next ski season.