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Epicentre at Plant and Animal Genome XXII

Cristine Kinross
| Jan 13, 2014

We begin planning for PAG many months in advance of reaching sunny San Diego in order to have a fun, informative experience with the scientific explorers we meet. 

This year we will exhibit at Booth #208 with new software tools and sample prep technologies. Stop by to test drive the free new RNAMatchMaker program that determines which Ribo-Zero kit will deplete your specific ribosomal RNA sequences. You can even test it using rRNA sequences in FASTA format by emailing them to a booth scientist. We will also demo the new Molecular Biology Selection Guide that eliminates the need to search heavy catalogues in order to find the right tool for your project. 

Methylation analysis is rapidly offering a window into scientific riddles. For example, how is it possible that two genetically identical calves can look so different? What is the relationship of DNA methylation to gene expression in crops following infestation? Our new EpiGnome technology for Methyl-Seq is opening up pathways to answer such questions.

We understand that technologies change so rapidly that can bechallenging to keep up with the best methods and newest options. Dr. Fred Hyde, Ph.D. will be in the booth to answer questions about your sequencing results, offer tips to design a sequencing experiment, and help sort through current options to get the results that you need. Dr. Hyde brings over 16 years of Epicentre scientific technical knowledge to help you with your project.

We will describe the new Methyl-Seq technology and demo RNAMatchMaker during our workshop on Tuesday, January 14th at 1:30 in the Royal Palm Salon rooms 1-3. Please join us! Register here, or walk-ins welcome.